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Community-Based Programs

Support ProgramsOnline and community-based programs encourage walking and provide incentives for reaching mileage goals, either individually or in groups. Some programs allow people to enter their mileage online as they walk. For example, Walk Across Texas!, a program initiated by Texas A&M University, tracks participants’ mileage and weight loss on a Texas road map. Another good example is AARP’s online walking program for older adults, Get Fit on Route 66. Participants record exercise minutes, with one minute of activity equal to one mile on the route. Time spent walking, biking, swimming, and playing tennis counts as exercise minutes, as do all activities that increase the heart rate and encourage movement.

Organized neighborhood walks, used in Seattle on Neighborhood Walks Day (May 10, 2008), bring neighbors together and get them walking in their own neighborhood. Some examples include:

  • A walk to visit a new park or pathway;
  • A walk to an event (neighborhood fair or farmers’ market, local coffee shop);
  • A nighttime holiday walk to view decorations; and
  • A fitness walk or walking just for the sake of walking.

Sample Community-Based Programs
Walk Across Texas!
Get Fit on Route 66
The International District Housing Alliance’s weekly Intergenerational Walk (contact Joyce Tseng at XXX.XXX.XXXX)
The American Heart Association’s Walking to Recovery program
Seattle Art & Seek
Sound Steps for seniors

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