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Alcohol Consumers

For motorists:

  • Do not drive drunk. Drinking slows reaction time, impairs judgment, and affects alertness and coordination.
  • When you drive, particularly at night around populated areas, watch for sudden, unexpected pedestrian movements. Scan the road widely and often, and prepare for the unexpected.
  • If you know someone who has been drinking and is planning to drive, call them a cab or offer to drive or escort them, even if it is only a short distance.

For pedestrians:

  • Understand that alcohol affects balance, impairs judgment, and reduces alertness and coordination. It can also affect vision.
  • Drink in moderation.
  • If you think someone has had too much drink, don’t let them walk home alone, especially at night.

Click here for an example of a Seattle-based program that provides free taxi rides home from bars.

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