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Public Art

Public art is art placed in the public realm, often supported by public funds or public/private partnerships. The SDOT Art Plan was created to provide more information about incorporating art into the right-of-way.

Examples of public art include, but are not to limited to, sculptures, theatrical performances, artist-in-residence programs (e.g., at Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Public Utilities), decorative manhole covers, murals, mosaics, art integrated into landscapes or buildings, etc. Seattles public art program is funded by a one-percent for art ordinance and seeks to integrat[e] artworks and the ideas of artists into a variety of public settings and provid[e} opportunities for individuals to encounter art in parks, libraries, community centers, on roadways, bridges and other public venues and thereby simultaneously enrich citizens' daily lives and give voice to artists.

Public art can be a tool to enhance the pedestrian environment by providing visual interest, placemaking, and identifiable landmarks and districts. Self-guided walks visiting neighborhood public art installations is an example of how public art can add interest to pedestrian activity. Some organizations provide maps for these self-guided walks. For example, SouthEast Effective Development (SEED) provides a map of public art in and around the Columbia City urban village. In the Fremont urban village, maps available at a sidewalk kiosk offer a self-guided tour of Fremonts public art installations.

Public Art: Sculpture

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