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Design, Engineering, and Universal Access Tools

Pedestrian Toolbox
Design, Engineering, and Universal Access
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The Design, Engineering, Universal Access Toolbox is a collection of pedestrian facilities, design strategies, and urban elements that can be installed or implemented to improve the pedestrian environment and advance the goals of Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan.

These tools are organized by the zone in which they are typically located within the Right-of-Way. These zones are consistent with the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual Street Type Zones and are listed in an order that prioritizes pedestrians. These zones include:

  1. Frontage ZoneTools include signage, weather protection, public/private interface, etc.
  2. Walkable ZoneTools include sidewalks, walkways, shared use trails, stairways, and driveways
  3. Landscape/Furniture ZoneTools include buffers, lighting, natural drainage, public art, signage, street furniture, street trees/vegetation, utilities, wayfinding, etc.
  4. Curb Space ZoneTools include curbs, curb ramps, curb bulbs, parking, etc.
  5. Travelway ZoneTools include pedestrian overpasses/underpasses, crossing islands, medians, intersection geometry, road diets, roundabouts, traffic signals, traffic calming, traffic management, etc.
  6. Miscellaneous DevelopmentTools include physical and visual connections, developer improvements, Street Types, mixed land use, open space, parks, etc.

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