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Motorists drive too fast.

Example of traffic circleTraffic speed can be critical to walkability and safety. While pedestrians often feel comfortable on streets that carry a high volume of traffic at low speeds, faster traffic may make them feel uncomfortable and may discourage walking. At higher speeds, motorists are less likely to see and react to a pedestrian, and even more unlikely to actually stop in time to avoid a crash. Higher speed crashes are much more lethal to pedestrians, with an 85% chance of a fatal injury to a pedestrian at 40 mph compared to a 5% chance of a fatality at 20 mph.

In most cases, motorists drive too fast because roadway design encourages higher travel speeds (regardless of the posted speed limit). If motorists are breaking the speed limit, design tools—coupled with enforcement and education tools—will be most effective.

In some cases, community members believe motorists are speeding when in fact they are not. This perception may indicate the need to employ other types of tools, such as education and encouragement tools.

Recommended Tools
Under each toolbox listed below, you have been directed to categories of tools. Selecting an individual category will link you to the tools from that category that can best be used to address the issue of motorists driving too fast.

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Travelway Zone
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Technology & Practice
Infrastructure Changes
Law Enforcement Methods: Warnings and Citations
Community-Based Strategies

Encouragement Tools
Media Campaigns and Strategies
Pedestrian Advocacy
Built Environment and Infrastructure

Education Tools
General Strategies
Training Program Topics for Roadway/Walkway Users
Training Program Topics for Officials and Decision Makers
Additional Courses, Materials, and Programs

Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Tools
Planning Documents
Technical Analysis Tools

Equity, Health, and Environment Tools
Assessment Tools
Campaigns and Outreach Tools
Resources and Organizations

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