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There are competing uses for right-of-way space.

Sidewalks can become cluttered with street furniture, utility poles, and sign posts. This unnecessary crowding of valuable pedestrian space often results from many independent decisions and projects. In some cases, using existing underground vaults more efficiently could resolve the problem. With cooperation, coordination, and commitment, various public entities, private utilities, and community interests can partner to improve the pedestrian environment. The benefits of consolidated utilities, street furniture, and other important streetscape pieces are many: making the most of limited sidewalk space, reducing visual clutter, developing a distinctive character for an area, and demonstrating careful investment of taxpayer dollars.

Tools to address competition for limited space in the right-of-way include enforcement, design, and planning tools.

Recommended Tools
Under each toolbox listed below, you have been directed to categories of tools. Selecting an individual category will link you to the tools from that category that can best be used to address competition for space in the right-of-way.

Design, Engineering, and Universal Access Tools
Frontage Zone
Walkable Zone
Landscape/Furniture Zone
Travelway Zone
Miscellaneous Development

Enforcement Tools
Law Enforcement Methods: Warnings and Citations

Encouragement Tools
Pedestrian Advocacy
Built Environment and Infrastructure

Education Tools
Training Program Topics for Officials and Decision Makers
Training Program Topics for Property Owners and Developers

Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Tools
Planning Documents
Regulations and Directors Rules
Permitting and Review Processes
Incentives and Bonuses
Resource Documents
Technical Analysis Tools
Review Boards


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