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People don’t think to walk for transportation or recreation.

The simplest way to improve walking in a neighborhood, corridor, or city is to get more people walking.The simplest way to improve walking in a neighborhood, corridor, or city is to get more people walking. There is safety (and comfort) in numbers. As more people start walking:

  • There will be more opportunities for informal social interaction, which will build a stronger community.
  • More people will notice walking barriers and add their voices to the discussion about improving pedestrian conditions.
  • Motorists will be more aware of pedestrians.
  • There will be more “eyes on the street” to discourage crime and increase pedestrian comfort and security.

While limited or insufficient pedestrian facilities deter people from walking, lack of knowledge of walking routes and popular destinations also leads potential pedestrians to their cars. Because the reasons for not walking are varied, solutions come from all of the toolboxes. Click here for additional information about reasons people may not walk for transportation or recreation.

Recommended Tools
Under each toolbox listed below, you have been directed to categories of tools. Selecting an individual category will link you to the tools from that category that can best be used to get more people walking.

Design, Engineering, and Universal Access Tools
Frontage Zone
Walkable Zone
Landscape/Furniture Zone
Travelway Zone
Miscellaneous Development

Enforcement Tools
Community-Based Strategies

Encouragement Tools
Media Campaigns and Strategies
Pedestrian Advocacy
Walking Programs
Built Environment and Infrastructure

Education Tools
General Strategies
Training Program Topics for Roadway/Walkway Users
Additional Courses, Materials, and Programs

Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Tools
Planning/Policy-Making Techniques and Groups

Equity, Health, and Environment Tools
Assessment Tools
Campaigns and Outreach Tools
Datasets and Measurement Tools
Resources and Organizations

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