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Motorists or bicyclists do not yield to pedestrians.

In Washington, motorists and cyclists must stop for pedestrians crossing the street in both marked and unmarked crosswalks. However, regular enforcement requires extensive resources, and the law might not be appropriately emphasized in driver education. In many instances, the problem is more pronounced on higher speed streets where it is more difficult to get drivers to slow or to yield to pedestrians (for more information, see
). Fortunately, a number of steps involving enforcement, education, encouragement, and physical changes to the roadway can improve pedestrian crossings.

Recommended Tools
Under each toolbox listed below, you have been directed to categories of tools. Selecting an individual category will link you to the tools from that category that can best be used to address the reasons people fail to yield to pedestrians.

Design, Engineering, and Universal Access Tools
Travelway Zone

Enforcement Tools
Campaigns & Programs
Technology & Practice
Infrastructure Changes
Law Enforcement Methods: Warnings and Citations
Community-Based Strategies

Encouragement Tools
Media Campaigns and Strategies
Pedestrian Advocacy

Education Tools
General Strategies
Training Program Topics for Roadway/Walkway Users
Training Program Topics for Officials and Decision Makers
Additional Courses, Materials, and Programs

Equity, Health, and Environment Tools
Campaigns and Outreach Tools Programs

Pedestrian waiting at crosswalk

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