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Welcome to the Pedestrian Toolbox!

Pedestrian Toolbox
Design, Engineering, and Universal Access
Planning, Land Use, and Zoning
Equity, Health, and Environment

The Pedestrian Toolbox provides information about hundreds of tools that can be used to address common pedestrian issues, with seven specific toolboxes that focus on:

  • Designing and engineering safe and accessible roadways and pedestrian facilities
  • Educating roadway users, property owners, and decision makers about rules, rights, and responsibilities
  • Enforcing laws, proper behaviors, and use of roadway facilities
  • Encouraging walking and physical activity throughout the community
  • Short- and long-term planning, land use, and zoning for the built environment
  • Ensuring equity, health, and environmental sustainability
  • Finding funding to support and sustain pedestrian improvements

Using the Toolbox

To use the Pedestrian Toolbox, begin by identifying the Common Pedestrian Issues that most closely match your concerns. Clicking on the issue will lead you to an explanation and to tools that may be used to address the problem. Clicking on a tool will connect you to a description of the tool as well as links to more information.

If you are looking for a particular tool, use the SEARCH function to quickly locate the tool. If you prefer to browse all of the tools in a specific toolbox, you may select a toolbox from the right menu.

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