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Letter of Support from Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board was created in 1993 and became a permanent organization in 1997. It has 11 citizen volunteers who serve two-year terms (renewable once) and one Get Engaged volunteer who serves for one year.

The Board is charged with the following:

  • Advise the Mayor, City Council, and all City departments and offices on matters related to pedestrians, including the impact City actions may have on the pedestrian environment;
  • Contribute to all aspects of the City’s planning and development processes that may affect pedestrian safety and access; and
  • Promote improved pedestrian safety and access by evaluating and recommending changes to City design guidelines and policies.

In keeping with these responsibilities, the Board will champion the Pedestrian Master Plan as it’s transformed from a document on a screen into a vibrant expression of Seattle’s vision to become the nation’s most walkable city. We are excited that this day is here, as the Board has supported this initiative for a long time. But, we can’t do it without your help. We encourage you to get involved! We look forward to a dialogue with residents from all parts of Seattle, with businesses, and with City officials.

- Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, May 2009

Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

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