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Letter of Support from Mayor Nickels

The mayor takes part in a Safe Routes to School event

Together we’re working to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation. The Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan is the first citywide action plan focused on walking. Walking is not only the most affordable way to get around town—it also protects our climate by reducing the greenhouse gasses that cause global warming. What color shoes to wear today should be one the toughest questions for your morning commute. We’re making progress thanks to the voter-approved Bridging the Gap transportation levy. We’ve been able to build more sidewalks, improve crossings, and do more to increase pedestrian safety than ever before.

The Pedestrian Master Plan is our action agenda to build healthy communities and increase walking, biking, and transit use. The plan:

  • Targets safety, equity, vibrancy, and health;
  • Analyzes every street and intersection to improve and sustain walking through education, enforcement, engineering, encouragement, and evaluation; and
  • Prioritizes projects to serve those with the greatest need—those who are most dependent on walking and transit for transportation and recreation.

Thanks to the Seattle Department of Transportation for leading this effort and to the citizens of the Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group who have been active and informed throughout the project. I appreciate their commitment. In addition, I want to thank the Seattle Police Department, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Department of Planning and Development, King County Metro Transit, Public Health – Seattle and King County, and many others for their significant input and leadership.
So lace up your sneakers or boots and get walking!


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