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Letter of Support from SDOT Director Grace Crunican

Commitment and Thanks

SDOT Director Grace CrunicanMayor Nickels charged the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) with making Seattle the most walkable city in the nation. The Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan lays out the path to get us there.

Many thanks go to the Mayor and Council for their leadership. The Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group and the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board did an outstanding job of bringing a broad perspective to this work. Two SDOT employees in particular also must be thanked. Barbara Gray and Jennifer Wieland created and shepherded this effort from its inception to this final product. They deserve much of the credit for the innovative and comprehensive approach shown in this document.

SDOT has already begun to use the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan to prioritize and implement projects. We pledge to continue to use this work in the development of our planning, policies, projects, operations, and maintenance of the transportation system.

We are truly on our way to meeting Mayor Nickels’ challenge to make Seattle the most walkable city in the nation.

Grace Crunican, Director
Seattle Department of Transportation

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