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Letter of Support from Seattle City Council

Seattle City CouncilOn February 5, 2007, the City Council recognized the importance of pedestrian safety in Seattle by passing two resolutions relating to this issue. Resolution 30951, while recognizing the City’s efforts to improve pedestrian safety during the previous five years, efforts which had been cited by the U.S. Department of Transportation, nevertheless sought to enhance those efforts with additional activities. The resolution, jointly supported by the Mayor and the Council, called for the convening of an ad hoc advisory group to work with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to develop a Pedestrian Master Plan to establish policies and programs to further enhance pedestrian safety and create a more walkable community, and for the development and implementation of a pedestrian safety training program to raise the awareness of pedestrians and drivers alike.

Resolution 30950 established a Special Committee of Pedestrian Safety to oversee the efforts detailed in Resolution 30951. This committee’s work will cease with the adoption of the Pedestrian Master Plan, which will then become a part of the portfolio of the Transportation Committee.

The Special Committee on Pedestrian Safety, jointly chaired by Councilmembers Jan Drago and Nick Licata, thanks the members of the Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group and the SDOT staff and consultants who worked so hard for nearly two years to create this draft Pedestrian Master Plan.

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