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Making Seattle the Most Walkable City

The vision of Seattle as a walking city and the goals of safety, equity, vibrancy, and health are the foundation on which the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan is built. The plan brings together the viewpoints of representatives from neighborhoods and associations, City staff, and partner agencies to identify and improve upon the tools that we as a community use to develop and engage in a walking lifestyle.

The Pedestrian Master Plan is flexible—it can serve our current needs and adapt to changes in the future. This plan is web-based, reflecting Seattle’s “online” approach to information sharing and providing a tool that is accessible to people with vision impairment. The website extends the usefulness of the plan through links to other online resources, and it is arranged so that information specific to your project, your pedestrian-related concerns, and your neighborhood is quickly accessible.

This plan covers policies, programs, and specific projects that will influence the pedestrian environment. We encourage you to use this plan as a resource to answer questions, inspire action, and motivate you to help make Seattle the most walkable city.

Making Seattle the Most Walkable City

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