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Building the System

Over the next six years of Bridging the Gap funding, the plan recommends pedestrian projects Along the Roadway and Across the Roadway in High Priority Areas, including:

Sidewalks (a block face equivalent is 330’ x 6’)

  • 158 block face equivalents (26 block face equivalents annually)

Significant Crossing Treatments (e.g., signals, crossing islands)

  • 18 intersections (3 intersections annually)

Smaller Crossing Treatments (e.g., curb ramps, crosswalks)

  • 579 intersections (96 intersections annually)

Maintenance - Along the Roadway

  • sidewalk repair and replacement, asphalt shims, vegetation maintenance and management, and tree pruning

Maintenance - Across the Roadway

  • crosswalk marking maintenance, repair of tactile warning strips, and signage replacement and repair

The proposed investments through Bridging the Gaprepresent a small portion of the potential projects and programs that could improve walkability in Seattle. The analysis summarized on the previous pages describes the process that will be used to determine project locations. If additional funding sources become available in the future, there are many opportunities for improvements both Along and Across the Roadway that have been identified using this analysis.

Building the system

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