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Mayor Greg Nickels

The Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan is a City of Seattle document. It has been prepared by the Seattle Department of Transportation, in coordination with multiple city agencies and other community, regional, and state organizations.

The City of Seattle would especially like to thank the individuals who participated in the Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group for their assistance in the development of this Plan.

Additional thanks goes to the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board and the participants in the Community Roundtables, as well as to all of the people of Seattle who participated in surveys, meetings, and provided their comments during the plan development.

Agency Staff

Lead Agency
Seattle Department of Transportation

Project Manager
Barbara Gray

Associate Project Manager
Jennifer Wieland

Website Development
Allie Gerlach

City/County/State Inter-Agency Team

Consultant Team
SvR Design Company
Toole Design Group, LLC

Additional Consultant Team Members:
Bright Engineering, Inc.
Heffron Transportation, Inc.
ReadWagoner, LLC
Livable Streets, Inc.

All photos are by SDOT or SvR/TDG staff unless otherwise noted.

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