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Safe Routes to School: Roxhill Elementary

April 10, 2014

Construction Update

The Roxhill Elementary Safe Routes to School project reached substantial completion at the beginning of April 2014. Crews will remain on site to finish punch list items.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Safe Routes to Schools project for Roxhill Elementary began construction in January 2014. This project includes building a new concrete sidewalk and planting strip on the west side of 30th Ave SW between SW Roxbury Street and SW 97th Street. The project will also install new trees, ground cover and additional street lighting.

Project Summary

  • Built a new concrete sidewalk on the west side of 30th Avenue SW between SW Roxbury Street & SW 97th Street
  • Additional street lighting
  • New planting strip between the sidewalk and the street
  • Planted trees, grass seed or groundcovers adjacent to the new sidewalk
  • Constructed a curb bulb on the northeast corner of 30th Avenue SW & SW Roxbury Street to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance and provide traffic calming
  • Installed ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps
  • New driveways
  • Public art at the corner of SW Roxbury Street & 30th Avenue SW


Safe Routes to School is a national program that makes it safer and easier to walk and bike to school. SDOT began a Safe Routes to School program at Roxhill Elementary in 2010.  At that time, the school community identified pedestrian improvements between Roxhill and the Arbor Heights neighborhood as one of their top priorities for improving the walking routes to school.  Currently, 30th Avenue SW does not have a sidewalk and families have to share the street with car traffic.


SDOT applied for and received a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation to build this new sidewalk.  In addition to sidewalk construction, this grant includes education and encouragement of walking and biking to school, additional traffic enforcement on the walking routes to school, and formal evaluation of arrival and dismissal patterns at the school.  SDOT’s partners in these efforts include Feet First, Cascade Bicycle Club, White Center Community Development Association, and the Seattle Police Department.

 To learn more about these partnerships, download our Safe Routes to School newsletter.


In November 2012, SDOT hosted a project open house at the school and invited neighbors to view 30% plans for the new sidewalk.   At that open house we heard concerns about traffic speeds on Roxbury and 30th, drainage concerns and requests for more street lighting.  We also heard feedback on the location and design of the public art that will be installed with the project.  Based on community feedback, the public art will feature a blue and green origami stellar jay.

For questions regarding this Safe Routes to School project, please contact Brian Dougherty, 206-684-7963 

View the 100% plans for the sidewalk
View updated renderings of the public art

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