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2011 AAC Paving - NE 55th Street Paving & Intersection Improvements

Construction Update: March 2011

  • Construction activities will begin at the intersection of NE 55th Street & Ravenna Avenue N the week of April 4th, and is scheduled to be complete in June 2011.
  • During construction, you can expect lane closures, pedestrian and bicycle detours, parking and loading restrictions, and construction noise and dust.
  • SDOT will provide regular notices to the affected community with location specific information during construction.
  • Please see the project Construction notice for more information
  • Project Overview

    This project is a continuation of the 22nd Avenue NE repaving that was completed in June 2010 and is being constructed in conjunction with the 15th Avenue NE Reconstruction Project. In addition to repaving NE 55th Street from 22nd Avenue NE to 25th Avenue NE, a curb bulb will be installed on the north and south sides of the intersection to narrow NE 55th Street and better define the right of way. These improvements will create a safer place for pedestrians to cross the intersection and will give motorists a more clearly defined and safe turn to and from Ravenna Place NE.

    This project is utilizing a combination of funding sources from the Bridging the Gap transportation initiative passed by Seattle voters in 2006 and the 2011 Seattle Neighborhood Streets Fund.

    Project Location:

    NE 55th Street from 22nd Avenue NE to 25th Avenue NE

    Project Description:

    This project will include repaving NE 55th Street from 22nd Avenue NE to 25th Avenue NE, and making intersection changes to improve pedestrian safety. Improvements include:

    • Reconfiguration of the intersection
    • Extended curbs on the north and south sides of NE 55th Street between Ravenna Avenue NE and Ravenna Place NE
    • Repaving NE 55th Street from 22nd Avenue NE to 25th Avenue NE
    • New pedestrian ramps and restriped crosswalks
    • New bike lane on NE 55th Street
    • New green space and two bio-retention areas to improve area drainage

    Project Schedule: 

    Construction at this intersection will begin in April 2011 and is scheduled to be completed in June 2011.

    Project Information:

  • Graphic of intersection improvements
  • Construction notice
  • Project Contacts:

    Bob Derry, Construction Communications Officer,, (206) 250-2865

    George Frost, Public Information Officer,, (206) 615-0786

    Jessica Murphy, Project Manager,, (206) 684-0178

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