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Meridian Ave N Paving and Safety Improvements Project

Updated: December 21, 2016

What's New

Temporary striping work is now complete on Meridian Ave N between N 103rd St and N 112th St. Crews will complete permanent striping and delineation for the protected bike lane, including the green bike boxes, in the spring.
As a reminder, permanent changes to on-street parking are now in place on the east side of Meridian Ave N between N Northgate Way and N 103rd St.

  • To allow room for the new buffered bike lane, 34 on-street parking spaces have been removed on the east side of Meridian Ave N.
  • Northbound drivers on Meridian Ave N need to be careful not to park in the new bike lane.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the communications lead, Paul Elliott at 206-684-5321 or


Project Overview

Why was Meridian Ave N improved?

Meridian Ave N is a north-south arterial on the west side of I-5 in North Seattle. It serves as a primary route leading to Northwest Hospital (to the north) and to North Seattle College (to the south), as well as numerous businesses in between. 

Along this section of Meridian Ave N, those using the roadway previously encountered pavement marked by potholes, cracks in the pavement, and seams in the roadway, which could be hazardous for those driving, biking, and walking.

Improving safety, accessibility, and comfort 

SDOT repaved the roadway and installed improvements on Meridian Ave N, between N 103rd St and N 112th St, to enhance safety and mobility for people who drive, bike, walk, and use transit along this corridor. The new surface will extend the life of the roadway by 10 to 12 years. This project was listed as a high priority in the city's Bike Master Plan.
In addition to the new surface, this improvement project includes:

  • New buffer lanes, intersection detection, and other improvements to protect those biking on both sides of Meridian Ave N between N 103rd St and N Northgate Way. The buffered bike lanes will connect with existing bikes lanes on College Way N and the planned pedestrian/bicycle bridge across I-5 to the future Northgate Link light rail station.
  • Upgraded traffic signal technology
  • New curb ramps where needed to meet current accessibility standards
  • Construct new concrete landing pads at bus stops, to provide a safer and more accessible exit from the rear of the bus
  • A new stormwater detention system, to prevent overflows into Thornton Creek and improve habitat


Current Schedule

Construction began on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. The contractor completed the repaving work at the end of September 2016. Crews performed temporary striping work in November 2016 and will return in spring 2017 to permanently stripe the road, paint bike boxes, and install delineation posts for the protected bike lane.

Public Outreach

SDOT is committed to engaging with the community and understanding their needs in the project area. Nearby businesses and residents receive updated information as the plans for construction evolve. If your organization would be interested in a project briefing, please contact Paul Elliott (information below). 

Project Materials

To view a PDF of project-related materials, please click on the link provided below.

Project Funding

Design: $0.4 million
Construction: $2.0 million
Total: $2.4 million

SDOT funded project design. Funds from the “Move Seattle” levy, approved by Seattle voters in November 2015, were used to construct these safety and accessibility improvements. The project is part of SDOT’s Arterial Asphalt and Concrete (AAC) Program.

Questions or Comments?

We are committed to building a productive, inclusive, and collaborative relationship with all who live, work, or travel in the project area. Please contact us with any questions.

Contact Paul Elliott, Communications Lead
206-684-5321 |

If you need this information translated, please call 206-684-5321.

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如果您需要把下列資訊翻譯成中文,請致電 206-727-3669。 

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