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2012-2013 Arterial Paving Projects: Delridge Way SW – South of Orchard

December 2, 2013

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Delridge Way SW Paving Project Update: Detour Lifted – Work soon complete!

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) project to redevelop Delridge Way SW between SW Roxbury and SW Orchard streets is nearly complete.  The day before Thanksgiving crews were able to wrap up all Phase 5 roadway construction – allowing the northbound detour to be lifted, restoring two-way traffic. Completed roadway work includes new lane configurations  between SW Myrtle and Kenyon streets, a portion of which is shown in the photo to the right.

Remaining project elements include installing ADA ramps and landscaping, and smoothing out pavement areas around utility lids – expected to be finished in two to three weeks.

Pedestrian safety improvements

In November crews finished pedestrian improvements at 17th Avenue NW (photo to the right shows new sidewalks). These include the permanent closure of a small, one-way northbound section of 17th Avenue SW between Delridge Way SW and SW Cambridge Street, as shown in the map below, and the installation of an all-way stop at 17th and Delridge. The goal is to reduce accidents at and near this intersection, where from 2007 to 2012 more than 30 motor vehicle collisions were recorded.

 Over the next week, construction will wrap up at 18th Avenue SW, where curb bulbs are being constructed to extend the sidewalk, shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians and improve access to transit. During this work 18th Avenue SW just east of Delridge Way SW will be closed for staging and equipment.
The changes at 17th and 18th avenues SW are part of the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan.
Construction on the Delridge Way SW Paving Project, stretching from SW Roxbury St to SW Orchard St, began on January 10, 2013.


Call the PROJECT HOTLINE: 206-257-2214; Send an e-mail to; or call Project Communications Lead LeAnne Nelson at 206-684-3897.

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Project Description

The southern portion of Delridge Way SW is an important arterial in West Seattle that has deteriorated over time and needs significant repair (PDF 665 KB). The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is rebuilding much of the roadway and making other improvements in 2013 with funds from the “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy, passed by Seattle voters in November 2006.

Project Benefits

  • New concrete and asphalt pavement providing a smoother ride that better withstands traffic loads
  • Increased storm-water capacity, reducing overflow into Longfellow Creek
  • New and upgraded curb ramps to meet current accessibility standards
  • Increased safety for all modes of travel with lane reconfigurations

Project Scope

Construction includes (PDF 617 KB) rebuilding approximately one and a half miles of Delridge Way SW between SW Orchard and Roxbury streets; and installing new storm water detention capacity beneath Delridge between SW Orchard and Henderson streets. Crews will also upgrade and build new curb ramps along the roadway to consistently meet accessibility standards.   

Schedule & Phasing

SDOT advertised for construction bids in September, 2012 and awarded the $6.7 million construction contract to Gary Merlino Construction on November 9, 2012. The project began January 10, 2013 and is expected to be substantially complete by December of 2013. To minimize construction impacts to the nearby community the construction will be done in phases, in two to three block increments. Each of the phases is anticipated to take between two and three months to complete. These phases are:

  • Phase 1: SW Henderson St to SW Trenton St
  • Phase 2: SW Trenton St to SW Thistle St
  • Phase 3: SW Thistle St to SW Holden St
  • Phase 4: SW Holden St to SW Orchard St
  • Phase 5: SW Roxbury St to SW Henderson St

Each segment will be striped according to its final configuration and placed into service as it is completed.

Traffic During Construction

Delridge Way SW is too narrow (PDF 621 KB) to allow two-way traffic during construction. To ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, and allow enough space for the crews to complete their work, southbound traffic will be detoured around the construction during the first three phases via 35th Avenue SW – the nearest continuous arterial. Northbound traffic will be maintained along Delridge during all but a few weekends when intersections between the phases are rebuilt.

What You Can Expect During Construction

  • Southbound detours around active construction zones
  • One lane allowed for northbound traffic through construction zone
  • Occasional weekend intersection closures at SW Holden, Thistle, Trenton, and Henderson streets
  • Closures of residential streets where they intersect Delridge Way SW
  • Short-term driveway closures and sidewalk detours
  • Daytime, nighttime and weekend work activities
  • Noise, dust (or mud) and heavy construction traffic
  • Increased travel times through the construction zone and along the detour route
  • Temporary bus stop relocations or closures (one at a time each direction)
  • Parking restrictions during work on Delridge Way SW

Public Outreach

Public outreach began in November 2011 when design was 30 percent complete. In 2012 outreach included briefings to the Delridge Neighborhood District Council (DNDC), the North Delridge Neighborhood Council (NDNC) and other area organizations; a Mayor’s Town Hall information table; an October 2 SDOT-hosted Open House; and project information newsletters (PDF 834 KB) mailed in the fall to nearly 4,000 area addresses. We'll continue working to raise awareness with  updates here, information sent to news media and with:

  • Informational fliers to adjacent affected businesses and residences prior to upcoming construction impacts
  • Email updates (sign up for these updates by sending an email to
  • Briefings to local neighborhood and business groups as requested – let us know!
  • Web page updates

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please e-mail us at or contact Project Communications Lead LeAnne Nelson at or 206-684-3897. 

Other Delridge Projects

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