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15th Avenue NE Reconstruction–NE Pacific Street to NE 55th Street

Last updated: 9/16/11

The 15th Ave NE Reconstruction Project is now substantially complete!

In January 2011, work began to reconstruct 15th Ave NE between NE Pacific St and NE 50th St and resurface 15th Ave NE between NE 50th St and NE 55th St.  We are happy to report that the project has reached substantial completion, ahead of schedule and on budget.  Some finishing work remains, and will be completed within the next month to close out the project.

 During the project, the team completed the following work:

  • Placed 11,093 cubic yards of base rock and concrete in the roadway – enough material to cover a football field 5 ½ feet deep!
  • Made 371 truck trips to haul away old pavement and gravel
  • Installed 52 new curb ramps to improve accessibility
  • Placed 6 new bus shelters
  • Redistributed street lighting and installed 4 new pedestrian lights and 7 new street light poles to improve visibility along the corridor
  • Installed 16 new stormwater catch basins and 49 filters to improve water quality
  • Created a new northbound left turn lane at NE 42nd St
  • Implemented a left turn restriction (transit only) during peak periods from northbound 15th Ave NE to westbound NE 45th St
  • Rebuilt 6,500 linear feet of sidewalk
  • Installed 26,913 linear feet of electrical conduit – enough conduit to wrap around the Husky Stadium track over 20 times!

Thank you to the nearby community for the support and patience as we completed this much needed improvement project. We hope that you enjoy the new roadway for years to come!

For more information:
Click here for a Thank You note from SDOT and the 15th Ave NE Project Team. Click here to see photos of construction and the finished roadway

Project Overview

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is rebuilding 15th Avenue NE between NE Pacific and NE 50th streets with new concrete pavement and resurfacing the roadway between NE 50th and NE 55th streets with asphalt.

This paving project is funded by the“Bridging the Gap”transportation levy approved by Seattle voters in November 2006.

Project Location:

15th Avenue NE - NE Pacific Street to NE 55th Street

Construction Schedule

Phase 1: January - June [NE Pacific St to NE 45th St]

Phase 2: June - September [NE 45th St to NE 50th St]

Phase 3: September - October [NE 50th St to NE 55th St]

Project Description:

This project will rebuild 15th Avenue NE between NE Pacific and NE 50th streets with new concrete pavement and resurface the roadway between NE 50th and NE 55th streets.

Other improvements include:

  • New curb ramps and curb bulbs to improve pedestrian mobility
  • Sidewalk widening at bus zones (bus bulbs)
  • Drainage upgrades
  • Installation of a new marked crosswalk at NE 41st St
  • New northbound left turn lane at NE 42nd St
  • Upgraded street lighting system
  • New electrical infrastructure for future transit improvements
  • Transit improvements including
    • North to west turn restriction from 15th NE to NE 45th during some or all of the day
    • Expanded bus stop waiting areas (bus bulbs) at two locations
    • Bus stop consolidation where stops are too close together

What to Expect During Construction 

  • Lane closures
  • Heavy traffic
  • Pedestrian detours
  • Parking and loading restrictions
  • Construction noise and dust
  • Instances of weekday, weekend and night work
  • Weekend street closures
  • Regular notices with more location specific information during construction

Project Information

Project Contacts:

Bob Derry, Construction Communications Officer,, (206) 250-2865

George Frost, Public Information Officer,, (206) 615-0786

Jessica Murphy, Project Manager,, (206) 684-0178

Transit Information

Please see rider alerts at the closed stop or contact King County Metro or Sound Transit for alternate bus stop locations.

Useful transit links and contacts:

Metro’s customer service line: 206-553-3000

Metro Rider Alerts:

Metro Bus Tracker:

Sound Transit Rider Information: 888-889-6368

Sound Transit Rider Alerts:

One Bus Away:

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