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Seattle Pilot Parklet Designs

Montana Bar — 1506 East Olive Way in Capitol Hill

The Montana Bar parklet opened in September 2013 and is located near the intersection of East Olive Way and East Howell Street. The parklet features a standing-height ledge and planter boxes. The parklet has two entrances: one at-grade with the sidewalk and another with steps. This space functions as an easily accessible place to enjoy the neighborhood and interact with the local community.

Adjacent to the parklet, Montana Bar has also built a sidewalk café, which is designated for use by restaurant customers and includes fenced seating. And just to the west of the parklet—in a space that was formerly designated as “no parking”—an on-street bicycle corral has been installed to increase the amount of bike parking in the area.


Parklet photos:

The parklet entrance is accessible from the sidewalk outside 1506 E Olive Way

On-street bike parking is provided on the south side of the parklet
(image courtesy of Capitol Hill Blog)

Looking north along Olive Way toward the parklet stairs

Chinatown/International District Business Improvement Area (CIDBIA) —
519 Sixth Avenue South in Chinatown/ID

The Chinatown/ID pilot parklet is sponsored by the Chinatown/ID Business Improvement Area, in partnership with Oasis Tea Zone. The parklet is proposed in an area that is currently signed as “no parking,” and the design is currently being finalized. The parklet will include seating, tables, and planter boxes and will provide a beautiful and functional public space that fits with the unique character of the District. The parklet was just funded via a Kickstarter campaign, so look for it to be installed in the next couple of months.



Parklet renderings:

Looking southwest toward Oasis Tea Zone and S Weller Street
(image courtesy of CIDBIA)

Birds-eye (or “plan”) view of the Chinatown/International District parklet
(image courtesy of CIDBIA)


City Hostel Seattle — 2327 Second Avenue in Belltown

City Hostel Seattle is approved for a pilot parklet in Belltown. This three-parking-space parklet includes ample seating, riser seating and a theater area, game boards, bike parking, and planter boxes. The parklet will add a social gathering place to the Belltown neighborhood.



Parklet renderings:

Birds-eye (or “plan”) view of the City Hostel parklet (image courtesy of Boxwood)


Looking south at the front of the parklet along Second Avenue (image courtesy of Boxwood)

Looking north at the front of the parklet along Second Avenue (image courtesy of Boxwood)


Looking south at the back of the parklet along Second Avenue (image courtesy of Boxwood)

Equilibrium Fitness – 3270 California Ave SW in West Seattle 

Chuck’s Hop Shop – 2001 E Union St in the Central District 

Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse – 2818 E Madison St in Madison Valley


Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters — 5600 Rainier Avenue S in Hillman City

Bottlehouse and Hi Spot Café — 1416 34th Avenue in Madrona

Urban Visions at the Chromer Building — 1516 2nd Avenue in Downtown

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream — 1622 N 45th Street in Wallingford

U District Advocates — 1316 NE 43rd Street in the University District

Uptown Alliance at SIFF Cinema — 511 Queen Anne Avenue N in Uptown

Cortona Café — 2425 E Union Street in the Central District

Delancey — 1415 NW 70th Street in Ballard

Lost Lake Lounge and Comet Tavern —10th Avenue and Pike Street in Capitol Hill

Seattle Children’s Research Institute — 1915 Terry Avenue in Denny Triangle




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