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Westlake Avenue North Parking Study

The Westlake Avenue North parking study was completed in February 2006. The Technical Memo contains a comprehensive explanation and summary of the parking study results. The Parking Study Recommendations contains a summary of the findings and parking management recommendations for the area.

Download the Westlake Avenue North Parking Study Technical Memo (27 pages) by clicking here.     Download the Westlake Avenue North Parking Study Recommendations (6 pages) by clicking here.

(NOTE: both of these downloadable documents are in "PDF" format or have a ".pdf" ending on their file name. To open this type of document on the computer you are using you will need to have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed. Try downloading and then double-clicking on the document file name first to see if it opens successfully - if it does not, then download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software from the Adobe website at

If you would like a printed copy of the Technical Memo or the Recommendations, please contact Mary Catherine Snyder at (206) 684-8110 or

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