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2006 South Lake Union On-Street Parking Study

Update January 26, 2007

In early 2006, SDOT completed the South Lake Union On-Street Parking Study, containing recommendations, maps, and an implementation timeline that corresponds to South Lake Union's planned major development activities.

Download the Executive Summary (4 pages) by clicking here.     Download the full Report (71 pages) by clicking here.

Overview of the South Lake Union Parking Study

In June 2005, SDOT commenced work on the South Lake Union On-Street Parking Study. Key project goals are to:

  • Gain a better understanding of existing on-street parking characteristics through detailed data collection and analysis
  • Develop on-street parking management and pricing strategies that give SDOT tools to respond effectively to dynamic and evolving development patterns, and
  • Integrate on- and off-street parking programs to achieve neighborhood traffic and transportation benefits.

Major activities for the parking plan were:

  • Collecting on-street parking data to document how on-street parking is currently used by South Lake Union visitors, business customers, residents and others;
  • Analyzing current and future transportation, land use, housing conditions to help create a better understanding of future development patterns, business uses and parking demand;
  • Meeting with South Lake Union community stakeholders to discuss this information and gather input on possible changes to on-street parking;
  • Make recommendations to improve how on-street parking functions in the neighborhood

The South Lake Union plan recommends installing paid parking through most of the neighborhood in 2007, along with a residential parking zone in the Cascade neighborhood where there are older residential buildings. The City has since called this new and innovative approach "performance-based pricing." SDOT plans to allow all-day hourly parking purchases beyond the traditional two-hour time limit. The parking meter rate would be regularly adjusted over time (e.g., quarterly) to achieve a desired target parking occupancy rate during peak use periods. That way employees, commuters, residents and visitors to the South Lake Union neighborhood would have a better chance to find on-street parking in the neighborhood.

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