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Shuttle Bus Loading Permits

In 2005, the City Council adopted legislation to provide regulations for shuttle bus load zones. The Ordinance (121917) identifies the specific requirements for use of these new zones, including necessary permits.

A shuttle bus is a vehicle that carries 11 or more passengers on a fixed, predetermined route, separate from charter or sightseeing buses. As an example, an employer may have a large number of employees at two different job sites within Seattle, and may wish to provide a shuttle service so that employees do not have to use their cars to move from one to the other.

A shuttle bus zone is designated with a specific sign and white paint on the curb. No vehicles other than permitted shuttle buses are allowed to park, stop, or load in this zone.

Organizations interested in shuttle bus zone designations and permits may contact the SDOT Permit Counter at 206-684-0816. The permit application requires information regarding the proposed route, frequency, business license, and vehicle registration. The permit is valid for one calendar year. One permit is required for each vehicle intended to be used as a shuttle. The permit decal must be permanently affixed to the windshield of the vehicle. Permits are $300 each per year ($150 if issued after July 1).

Click here to download the Shuttle Bus Permit Application Form

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