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Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Program

More Information about the RPZ Program

An RPZ is typically established on blocks that have adjacent residential uses (houses, apartments, or condominiums) to discourage long-term parking by non-residents. An RPZ may be appropriate where the parking congestion is caused by a nearby business district, or by visitors or employees of a hospital or school.

An RPZ involves the posting of parking time limits or parking prohibitions from which vehicles displaying an appropriate, valid RPZ permit are exempt. Eligibility for an RPZ permit is restricted to residents living on the blocks where the RPZ is established. Eligible residents on an RPZ block may purchase one permit for each vehicle they own, and one guest pass (whether or not they own a vehicle). The following is a typical RPZ sign although the actual parking restriction may vary depending on the local conditions:

View the Seattle Municipal Code section about RPZs: SMC 11.16.317

Since January 2011, the cost of a permit has been $65.00 and is good for one permit cycle or part thereof (most RPZ permits are on a 2-year cycle but there are some that operate on a 1-year cycle). The fees collected pay for the administrative cost of the permits and, as such, the fee is not prorated by the time remaining in the RPZ permit cycle. The permits can only be issued to residents who actually have the signs installed on their block or who live within the RPZ boundary. Permits cannot generally be issued to non-residents, business owners or employees.


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