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Parking in Seattle

Parking Rate Increase in 2009

The 2009-10 budget adopted by the Seattle City Council in November included an increase in hourly on-street parking rates. The revised maximum hourly rate will be $2.50 per hour, compared with the current $1.50 per hour. The $2.50 per hour rate will apply to short-term, on-street paid parking in downtown (i.e., south of Denny Way, north of South Royal Brougham Way, west of I-5). Lower hourly rates will apply to other areas outside the downtown core – parking in some areas will be $2.00 per hour and in others will be $1.50 per hour for short-term on-street parking.

The tiered rate system, first introduced in the South Lake Union neighborhood in 2007, recognizes that parking needs and demands vary by neighborhood. The three-tiered system that will be implemented will work to ensure that the parking rate is set appropriately with respect to demand, land use, and other transportation conditions in specific areas.

The three tiered rates will be:

 $2.50 per Hour for Short Term Parking

$2.00 per Hour for Short Term Parking; $1.25 per Hour for Long Term Parking

$1.50 per Hour for Short Term Parking; $0.75 per Hour for Long Term Parking

Pioneer Square

South Lake Union

Westlake Ave North




Financial District



Retail District

First Hill

Green Lake



12 th Ave

Denny Triangle



Chinatown / International District

University District


Unexpired time on a 2-hour receipt may be used at any other 2-hour metered or pay station space. Unexpired time on a 10-hour receipt may be used only in another 10-hour space in the same neighborhood. A 10-hour receipt is not valid for any 2-hour space.

SDOT crews will begin implementing the new rates in January, rolling out the new rates neighborhood by neighborhood into April 2009. New graphics on all parking pay stations will clearly show the revised rates, and will also provide additional information helpful to the parking public.

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