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Parking Pay Stations - More Arrive Every Day!

Updated May 9, 2005

How to Use Pay Stations and Who to Call for Assistance

Parking Pay Station Neighborhoods: Where they're Coming and When

Seattle's parking pay stations are popping up everywhere! In business districts large and small, customers are increasingly able to pay for their on-street parking by debit or credit card.

Seattle is almost half-way through a three-year plan to replace most of the City's aging single-space parking meters. This plan came out of the desire to expand payment options for customers, improve management of the parking environment, and to enhance the City's streetscape.

By the end of 2006, up to 1,600 parking pay stations will have been installed in all of the City's neighborhoods with parking meters. Additional pay stations will be placed in new areas where paid parking can help promote parking turnover for daytime business customers and visitors.

  • Pay stations provide customers with the convenience of paying by credit and debit cards in addition to coins, as well as the convenient benefit of being able to take unexpired time with them to another spot!
  • Pay stations provide improved predictability as block faces are standardized (with load zones moved to the end of the block), helping drivers and delivery people know what to expect.
  • Pay stations provide improved reliability because they eliminate out-of-service times for parking spaces!

Customer using a parking pay station
Customer using a parking pay station.

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