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Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Program

New! Columbia City Zone 29 is expanding. Permit applications and more information here.

The RPZ Permit Counter is currently approximately two weeks behind processing applications for Zone 6. Your permits may take longer than usual to get to you. During this time, Parking Enforcement will not issue RPZ citations to permits in Zone 6 that have expired. Full enforcement of the Zone 6 RPZ permit requirements will begin after October 20th.

Curb space is part of the public street system, a public good available for all people to use. To restrict the use of curb space for some requires a compelling reason. The Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Program was created to help ease parking congestion in residential neighborhoods, while balancing the needs of all people to be able to use the public streets. RPZs help neighborhoods deal with the impacts through transportation and parking demand management strategies and signed time limits from which vehicles displaying a valid RPZ permit are exempt.

Click here for an RPZ fact sheet.

View the Seattle Municipal Code section about RPZs: SMC 11.16.317

Low-income permits

There is a $10, discounted RPZ permit for households that indicate a financial burden.

Renew your permits online!

Traffic Permits Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

First-Time Applicant?

The map below provides guidance on where RPZs are in effect. We recommend that you click here to open this map in a new window. Zoom into your zone and click on your block to get more information about the restrictions on your street. The pop-up box also contains a link to an application you can use to apply for permits. Yellow highlighted blocks denote signs on the block.  

As changes are implemented, this map will change to reflect current conditions, but the map still may not reflect the latest updates. Please always obey posted signage.

You can also use our lookup tool to easily see if your address is eligible for an RPZ permit.

To check other parking regulations, please see the Seattle Parking Map.

If your business is located within a Southeast Link Light Rail Zone (Zone 16, 28, 29, 30, or 31), employees are eligible for RPZ permits. Please click here to download the appropriate application.

You may also click the links below for more information about your zone:

1: Montlake
2: Squire Park/Cherry Hill
3: Fauntleroy
4: Capitol Hill
5: Wallingford
6: University Park
7: First Hill
8: Eastlake
9: Magnolia
10: University District West
11: North Queen Anne
12: North Capitol Hill
13: Lower Queen Anne
14: Central District
15: Belmont/Harvard
16: Mount Baker
17: North Beacon Hill
18: Licton Springs
19: Roosevelt
20: Ravenna/Bryant
21: Pike/Pine
22: Wallingford/Lincoln HS
23: Madison Valley
24: Cascade
25: Westlake East
26: Upper Queen Anne
27: Fremont
28: Beacon Hill
29: Columbia City
30: Othello
31: Rainier Beach
32: West Capitol Hill
A: Montlake /Husky Game Days
B: Ravenna/Laurelhurst Husky Game Days

First time Applicants must have:

  • A completed application form (click on your zone on the map above to find the link to download the application).
  • Current proof of residency showing your name and address, dated within the last 30 days. This can be a bill, bank statement, paycheck stub, a letter from your previous address that has been forwarded to your new address and has the yellow sticker from the post office showing a date  and your new address, lease or rental agreement (leases and rental agreements will only be considered if signed within the past 30 days.  Unsigned or electronic leases will not be considered current proof of residency), or any properly dated business type mail (undated “junk” mail or mail addressed to “resident” is not proof of residency) other than mail from our office.
  • A copy of your current Washington State Vehicle Registration. Your vehicle must be registered with the Washington State Department of Licensing (WA DOL) in your name and at your address. Titles, temporary registrations and bills of sale are not accepted. Out-of-state registration is accepted only for active duty military personnel providing proof of their status, or out-of-state students providing proof of non-resident status. To change your address online, visit: . If your name does not appear on the vehicle registration, you may not qualify to receive a decal for your vehicle. Click here for information on how to add your name to the vehicle registration certificate.
  • Check or Money Order , made out to the City of Seattle. If applying in person, we also accept cash, Visa and Mastercard.

Mail application and materials to:

Seattle Department of Transportation
Traffic Permits
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996

Please allow 7 to 10 days for us to process your order and for return mail.

If you want to visit us in person:

We are available to assist you Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Traffic Permits Counter is located on the 37th floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower (formerly Key Tower) at 700 Fifth Avenue (at Columbia Street) in downtown Seattle. You can submit your application materials in person, and upon validation, staff will provide you with a temporary permit, for your use until your permanent decal arrives by mail in 7-10 days.

Interested in a new RPZ?

If you are interested in the process for initiating an RPZ for your neighborhood, please click here for more information.

Process for Businesses interested in obtaining RPZ permits:

If your business is located within a Southeast Link Light Rail Zone (Zone 16, 28, 29, 30, or 31), employees are eligible for RPZ permits. Please click here to download the appropriate application.

For all other areas: In July 2013, the City Council adopted legislation to allow the SDOT Director to consider requests for Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) permits for employees within an RPZ, provided the request is consistent with Council-specified criteria in the law(SMC 11.16.315 H).  For more information about this process, please click here

After reading the information sheet, if you think your business would meet the criteria, please click here for an initial application.

Contact us:

For questions about RPZs please call us. We can be reached Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 pm at (206) 684-5086.

If you are interested in the process for initiating an RPZ for your neighborhood, please click here for more information.

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