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Parking Planning Tool

The Parking Tool was developed during the Neighborhood Planning process that took place between 1996 - 1999. This tool was designed to help neighborhood planners sort through the complicated choices associated with parking and understand the options for addressing parking problems. The Neighborhood Planning process represented an opportunity to investigate the underlying causes of local parking issues and apply the most appropriate solutions, though this tool is just as useful today.

  • Section I of this tool gives you some ways to think about how parking works.
  • Section II leads you through a planning process to put parking in the context of your neighborhood vision, assess parking issues in your neighborhood, and develop recommendations and get them implemented.
  • Section III takes a closer look at two very common issues: what to do when there's not enough parking, and what to do when there's too much.

Throughout the tool, City programs and regulations are described from which your neighborhood plan can draw to deal with parking issues. More information on these City programs and regulations can be found in the appendices. Throughout this tool other useful references are listed in bold/italic type.

View the entire Parking Tool document

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Please contact Mary Catherine Snyder at (206) 684-8110 or with any questions.

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