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Meters & Pay Stations

In 2004 Seattle began the three-year process of replacing the majority of the 9,000 aging single-space parking meters in the city with approximately 1,600 pay stations. The following links contain information on parking meters and pay stations for the City of Seattle. Click on a title to go to details on each item.

The City of Seattle uses on-street paid parking such as parking meters and pay stations to:

  • promote parking turnover;
  • act as a means of distributing a limited amount of on-street spaces (mainly in commercial areas) where demand exceeds supply;
  • provide short-term parking spaces for shopping or personal errands (this in contrast to long-term parking for commuters);
  • improve traffic circulation and economic viability of downtown commercial areas by maximizing the number of patron visits by car;
  • and to generate revenue for the City.

from the Seattle Parking Management Study

Parking turnover occurs when several different vehicles occupy a single parking space over the course of a given time period.

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