Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the street map blank?
First, try zooming in as not everything shows at a small scale. Or, the map may need time to redraw. It is displaying a large amount of data so there are some slow times. Please be patient. In addition, the map is down overnight from 12 midnight to 3 am for data maintenance.

Where does this information come from?
The map pulls parking info from the City’s asset management system. The parking signs and garage and lot locations are updated nightly. The rates and hours for garages and lots are updated monthly. There may be a time lag between sign installation and record data entry; consequently, the map may not reflect on- the-ground reality. Always comply with city parking rules and regulations.

Is there a mobile app for this?
SDOT is not currently developing a mobile application. We do plan on making the street parking and garages and lots data available to developers as part of the City’s Open Data Initiative, should anyone choose to create an application.

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