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Welcome to the FAQ page for the Seattle Parking Map

Click here to view the parking map

This map shows on- and off-street parking facilities and information with special focus on short-term parking in downtown and in neighborhood business districts, and eligibility for restricted parking zones.



Why is the map not loading?

There could be several reasons why the map is not loading on your computer. You may see the City of Seattle banner along the top and a “spinning wheel” indicating the application is trying to load at which point that map may not load after some amount of time. It could be that one of the various City servers supporting the map are down. Generally, the map works on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with JavaScript enabled. Although the map is not supported on all smart phones, we have found that it works on some (maybe yours!) SDOT is releasing the parking data on the map to support mobile app development. Please email with any questions or comments.

How should I use this map? 

What does the street parking category mean?
The map shows the most common type of parking along each street if there are paid parking, restricted parking zone (RPZ), time-limits or carpool parking signs. The street will show no parking if there are a substantial number of no-parking signs on the block. Loading may still be allowed on a block with a “no parking” indication if signs permit.

Are these really the street parking signs?
Yes. You may not recognize the text but these are the parking signs along each street. SDOT is considering adding the parking sign images.

What does RPZ eligibility mean?
The map shows blocks where residential addresses may be eligible for Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) permits. Businesses in the five Link light rail zones in the Rainier Valley are eligible for those zone permits. Click here to look up your address to see if eligible.

Why is my neighborhood not listed?
Click on the area closest to you if you don’t see the one you are looking for. A copy of the neighborhoods map is here.

What does the Get Link function do?
The “Get Link” function allows you to embed a link in your web site to a specific area of the Seattle Parking Map.  Zoom to the area of interest on the map and click on the Get Link button. Copy and paste the link provided into your web site, email or other communication.

What does Temporary No Parking mean?
These purple lines show where paid parking is restricted for purposes such as construction activity (which may require a Street Use permit), moving vans, or to clear a street for special events. Click on the purple line to see the restriction purpose and start and end time. Make sure to  scroll down to the Temporary No Parking section under the Street Parking panel to the right if not seen immediately.

Upcoming Map improvements

Can I get real-time info for on-street parking?
SDOT does not have this information currently.

Can I reserve a parking spot?
The Seattle Parking Map is meant to give residents and visitors a better understanding of street parking regulations and facility locations, hours and rates. It is not aimed at helping people reserve a specific parking spot.

More about Street Parking

What hours are paid parking in effect?
Paid parking generally operates 8am-6pm unless there are peak no parking or other restrictions. Visit SDOT's Parking Regulations webpage to learn about paid parking, the 72-hour rule, and more.

Where can I find scooter and motorcycle info?
These vehicles can use on-street parking similar to a motor vehicle. Designated motorcycle parking stalls throughout the city can be found at SDOT's Motorcycle and Scooter Parking

Where can I find bike parking information?
Visit SDOT's Bicycle Programs webpage. In the future, you can also check out the City's My Neighborhood Map to see where bike racks are located.

What are the rules for using a disabled parking placard or license plate?
SDOT's Disabled Parking webpage has information on parking rules, as well as links to the Washington State Department of Licensing (the agency that issues disabled parking placards).

General Questions

Who can I talk to if I have a general transportation question?
Give SDOT a call at (206) 684-ROAD (7623), or visit the "How to contact SDOT" for a list of frequently called numbers.




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