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Community Parking Program
U District

Updated March 2011

Citywide on-street parking changes

In 2011, SDOT will be changing parking rates and extending paid parking hours in some areas to better manage demand. What does this mean for the U District? The current $2/hr rate will decrease to $1.50/hr starting this spring. Paid parking hours will extend to 8pm this summer.  Learn more about these changes.

Final parking study report

In October 2010, we conducted an on-street parking study to get a sense of how parking is being used. The study represents a snapshot of average conditions that we will use, along with community input, to develop potential changes to parking. Here’s the final parking study report – dive in!

Community outreach

Staff will continue to work with U District community groups and businesses to identify parking challenges and opportunities through the Community Parking Program.

To date, we have attended two meetings with each of the following groups: University Chamber Community Issues Committee, University District Community Council, and the Roosevelt Neighbors’ Alliance. Here’s the handout of key findings that we shared at the last round of community meetings in early 2011.

Through the Community Parking Program, SDOT is working with U District stakeholders to develop a parking plan that balances neighborhood needs and meets City transportation and environmental goals. A   previous assessment in 2005     resulted in new paid parking blocks and time limited blocks. This project will provide an opportunity to review existing paid blocks and see if there are opportunities to further improve neighborhood parking and access.

Project Timeline

Jan-March 2011: share findings and gather feedback finalize parking study report
March: develop draft plan  
April: release draft plan for public comment  
May: develop final plan, using input from draft  
June: release final plan  
Early 2012: start implementing changes

Get involved in the U District parking project

Let us know where you’d like to see on-street parking improvements in the U District:

  • Are there particular blocks you would like SDOT to study?
  • Does your block need a load zone or new time limit sign?
  • Would you like to be included in a restricted parking zone (RPZ)?
  • Would you like additional parking for motorcycles, scooters, or bikes?
  • Invite us to an upcoming meeting

Contact Ruth Harper, (206) 684-4103, or


Click image to view report


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