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Community Parking Program
Madison Valley

Updated February 3, 2011

FINAL Parking Plan Released

SDOT is releasing a final parking plan for Madison Valley. This plan has been strongly informed by the community. Residents and businesses will be receiving this plan in the mail as well.

SDOT began assessing Madison Valley on-street parking in April 2010, working with neighborhood businesses, residents and community groups. A walking tour took place in early June; a parking occupancy study was completed in mid-June. Study findings were presented to residents and businesses in September, and a draft plan was released in October. Close to 40 comments were received from residents and businesses. Staff also did door-to-door outreach in the business district. This led to the decision to change the one-hour time-limits in the business district to two-hour time-limits. Staff has presented this plan to both the Greater Madison Valley Community Council and the Madison Valley Merchant’s Association.

Implementation of the parking changes will take place starting in Spring 2011.

Other materials from the study and this process are also available in links below.

  • View the draft parking plan released in October 2010.
  • The Madison Valley On-Street Parking Study Findings Report was completed in August 2010. To view the full report, please click here.  To see a summary handout of the findings that was presented at community meetings, please click here.

Project Background

Through the Community Parking Program, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been working with Madison Valley stakeholders to develop a parking management plan that balances neighborhood needs and meets City transportation and environmental goals.

The plan will support parking and access for customers, residents and businesses. We are working closely with community organizations to tailor changes that best fit the parking needs in the neighborhood.

The Madison Valley neighborhood boundary is very large, so we focused primarily on the Madison Valley business district and the surrounding RPZ.

Other ways SDOT is improving access to Madison Valley

Way to Go, Seattle! is the City’s resource for programs focused on transit use, walking, biking, carpooling, and other modes of transportation. These programs support a sustainable transportation system and can reduce the demand on parking. Visit to learn how to get to and from Madison Valley without driving.

SDOT is also heavily involved on both the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans. See and We urge you to get involved and give us your feedback.

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about the Capitol Hill Community Parking Program, please contact Jonathan Williams of SDOT at 206.733.9026 or

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