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Community Parking Program
Denny Triangle

Updated August 2008

The Denny Triangle was one of the first neighborhoods to work with SDOT to improve on-street parking management through the Community Parking Program.

Beginning in February 2008, SDOT staff met with community organizations and property owners, conducted an   on-street parking study , and hosted an informal survey of parking concerns. The inputs from all these sources were used to design new parking regulations for parts of the Denny Triangle neighborhood. Additionally, all parking meters were replaced with pay stations to improve customer convenience by accepting debit and credit cards in addition to coins.

On-street parking changes can be seen on the map to the right and included:

  • Converting all parking meters to pay stations
  • Converting free parking to paid parking throughout the area
  • Changing parallel to back-in angled parking on Terry Avenue between Virginia and Stewart Streets to add parking capacity
  • Adding 2-hour paid parking to carpool parking on 9th Ave. so that short-term parking can be available
  • Installing 3-hour pay stations on several blocks near Antioch University and the Cornish College of the Arts to provide appropriately timed parking

A  letter describing the changes was sent to Denny Triangle property owners, businesses and residents the week of July 28, 2008.

Other Ways that SDOT is Working in the Denny Triangle

Adding Transit Service

  • The South Lake Union Streetcar opened in December 2007. Traveling along Westlake Avenue through the Denny Triangle, this service has improved connections for thousands of office workers, residents, shoppers and students. Visit
  • To further improve transit service in the Denny Triangle, Seattle has proposed to partner with King County Metro for additional service on the following routes:
    • 2008: Routes 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 26 and 28
    • 2009: Routes 2 and 13
    • 2010: Routes 8, 70

Bridging the Gap (BTG) – Your Transportation Levy Dollars at Work

  • Over nine years BTG will reduce Seattle’s maintenance backlog by about half and invest in major transportation projects.
  • The recent repaving of Denny Way and the February 2008 increase in bus service on Route 70 and Route 8 are both projects completed with BTG funding.
  • Ongoing BTG efforts in the neighborhood include:
    • Remarking crosswalks
    • Replacing old, faded street signs
    • Planting street trees
    • Making sidewalk repairs

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about the Capitol Hill Community Parking Program, please contact Jonathan Williams of SDOT at 206.733.9026 or

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