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Community Access and Parking Program - Ballard

Updated October 1, 2014

Proposal, Feedback Opportunities, and Next Steps

SDOT has proposed changes to on-street parking in Ballard. The changes are summarized in a project factsheet and shown in the map below. The proposal was also sent in a mailer to over 5,000 businesses and residents in Ballard. 

At meetings, drop-in sessions, and online, SDOT received hundreds of comments on the proposal. We are currently reviewing comments as we refine the plan.  A final plan is expected to be released by the end of 2014 for implementation in 2015.

Project Background

The last major set of changes to on-street parking in the Ballard commercial district occurred in 2005. Since that time, new businesses, residents, and attractions have resulted in increased demand on parking in Ballard.

SDOT and other City staff participated in the 2013 Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth, led by the Ballard Chamber of Commerce. Through that process, we heard from many different stakeholders about the challenge of parking in the Ballard commercial district. 

During the Partnership process, SDOT shared data with the community on parking and transportation in Ballard. SDOT is working in the neighborhood with stakeholders in 2014 to develop short-term changes to parking to improve parking access in the neighborhood.  The focus of the work will be in the commercial core of Ballard.

Click for larger

What is being evaluated?

SDOT is evaluating several options to increase the availability of on-street parking. These include:

  • Reviewing the location and needs for loading zones
  • How on-street and off-street parking can complement each other
  • Angled parking
  • Parking controls (time limits, paid parking)
  • Sunday options
  • On-street bike parking

Considerations for the needs of residents, employees, and the industrial area will be included in potential changes.

Note that parking rates, time limits, and hours of operation in on-street paid areas are set by Seattle’s Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program and will not be changed as a result of the Community Access and Parking Program work.

Outreach - Past Meetings and Materials

SDOT met with stakeholders in the neighborhood and has scheduled ongoing meetings with a Parking Advisory Group that consists primarily of downtown Ballard businesses.

Past Meetings and Materials:

February 26, 2014: Advisory Group Meeting Handout

March 12, 2014: Ballard District Council Meeting Handout

March 19, 2014: Ballard Chamber Luncheon Handout (handout same as March 12 meeting)

April 2, 2014: Advisory Group Meeting Presentation

April 9, 2014: Ballard Chamber Public Policy Committee Handout (meeting led by Mary Catherine Snyder of SDOT to discuss rate program)

April 15, 2014: Canal Station Residents’ Association Meeting

May 7, 2014: Advisory Group Meeting Presentation 

May 7, 2014: Ballard Urban Design Framework Poster

June 4, 2014: Advisory Group Meeting Presentation

June 19, 2014: Ballard Partnership Clean/Healthy Safe Working Group

June 25, 2014: Advisory Group Meeting Presentation

July 30, 2014: Advisory Group Meeting Agenda

August 11, 2014: Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board Presentation

September 10, 2014: Ballard Chamber Public Policy Committee Handout (project factsheet)

September 10, 2014: Ballard Chamber Luncheon Presentation

September 11, 2014: Central Ballard Residents’ Association Meeting Handout (project factsheet)

Data and Results

April-May, 2014: Ballard Employee Transportation and Parking Survey Summary Results

May, 2014: Off-street Parking Study Results

May, 2014: Ballard On-Street Parking Data

What else is going on?

In addition to our effort, there are other ongoing planning and transportation activities occurring in Ballard. SDOT is working closely with project managers on these efforts where there is overlap.

These projects include:

Ballard to Downtown High Capacity Transit Study 
Ballard Urban Design Framework 
Burke Gilman Trail Extension EIS 
Ballard Neighborhood Greenway
Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth

Who Can I Contact?

If you have questions or comments about the Ballard Community Access and Parking Program, please contact Jonathan Williams of SDOT at 206.733.9026 or

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