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Carpool Parking in Downtown Seattle

Notice of Vanpool Fee Change

Thank you for sharing the ride!  By not driving alone you are helping to reduce congestion and carbon emissions – as well as gaining convenience and cost savings.  We value your participation.  

We want to make sure you are aware of new vanpool permit parking fees that were recently approved by the Seattle City Council via the budget process.  Currently, vanpool permit fees are $5 per quarter per vanpool.  This amount is not sufficient to cover the basic costs of program administration, nor is it consistent with on-street Carpool Permit fees.  Meanwhile, current on-street Carpool Permit fees are $600 per quarter in the Central Business District (CBD), and $300 per quarter outside of the CBD, and have not been adjusted for several years. 

To gradually bring vanpool permit fees into coordination with carpool fees over time, the recently passed budget includes the following fee schedule for vanpool permits: 


2017 fee per quarter

2018 fee per quarter

2019 fee per quarter

Central Business District (CBD) (Areas D, L P and S)




Non-CBD (Areas Q, H, Y and F)




Vanpool Permit fees would thus be equivalent to the on-street Carpool Permit fees by 2019. 

We understand this represents a cost increase for you. For a 5-person vanpool in the CBD, a rider's parking cost would increase in 2017 from $0.33 per month to $13.33 per month, and would increase further by that amount in the following 2 successive years.  Outside of the CBD, the costs and increases would be half that amount.  While not insignificant, we hope this is not overly burdensome, especially in comparison with downtown Seattle off-street parking prices. 

If you would like to find additional vanpool riders to further share the costs, please visit the state's free ridematch website or contact your transit agency representative for recruiting tips. 

For On-Street Parking:

Map of Carpool Parking Locations in Seattle

Carpooling lets you share the ride and the cost, and helps to reduce congestion and greenhouse gases.  Thanks for considering this alternative to driving alone!

To Qualify

  1. Be at least two adults who reside more than two miles from the carpool parking location, except for Queen Anne (Area Q) and the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock (Area F), where eligibility is limited to registered vanpools and carpools of three or more adults, and
  2. Live and work near one another or share more than 50 percent of a common route to and from work, and
  3. Commute together to and from work together at least four days a week, and
  4. No member of your carpool may hold, simultaneously, a parking permit for another area or have had a carpool permit revoked.
  5. The vehicle may not pass by or through the assigned carpool parking area in order to pick up participants.
  6. Except for the "P" area, which is open to carpoolers to "First Hill," in order to qualify for a carpool parking permit in the public right of way of the Central Business District, at least two members of the carpool must work there.


  • Areas D, L, P and S (Central Business District): $600 per quarter
  • Areas Q, H, Y and F: $300 per quarter

To Apply/Renew

  1. Designate a carpool “Manager” to distribute information and to collect and return application and renewal forms.
  2. Each participant must read, complete and sign (by typing your name) the application form below.

    Download Application and Renewal Form Here
  1. Email the completed form to:, or print and fax it to 206-386-1241, or mail to: SDOT/Commuter Services, 1010 8TH Ave S, Seattle, WA  98134

Issuing the Permit

  1. Commuter Services will evaluate your application to determine eligibility.
  2. Commuter Services will arrange for you to make payment and obtain your permit.
  3. Carpoolers make check or money order payable to the City of Seattle. (This office cannot accept cash.)

Parking Assignment

Commuter Services assigns parking based on availability, as close as possible to carpoolers' work sites. Vehicles with the highest occupancy receive priority. If applications for an area exceed the number of available spaces, we will establish a waiting list.

Renew Permits Quarterly

  1. Commuter Services mails renewal forms to the carpool manager. If you do not receive renewal forms by the 10th of your renewal month, call Commuter Services at 206-684-0816 . Unless special arrangements are made in advance, permits not renewed by the expiration date will be cancelled.
  2. Each member of the carpool completes and signs the form and returns it to the carpool manager. The manager collects the forms and returns them altogether with a check or money order payable to the City of Seattle.

Basic Rules

One-At-A-Time: Only one vehicle registered to your carpool may park in carpool parking areas at any one time.

Park vehicle and display permit as directed by Commuter Services. The permit number must be clearly visible to Parking Enforcement Officers from outside the vehicle.

Changes: Report changes in your carpool to Commuter Services immediately. New participants must complete an agreement form.

Where to Park: Park only in your assigned area. Do not park in areas not authorized by your permit. Displaying a carpool permit does not exempt a vehicle from normal parking restrictions. Do not block crosswalks, sidewalks or driveways.

Access to Space: On-street carpool parking areas have posted reserved times, usually between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. At other times these spaces are available to the general public. If you arrive or leave and return outside the times reserved for carpools and no spaces are available, finding alternative parking is your responsibility.

Liability: Participants must agree to assume any and all risks of personal injury or property damage arising from participation in the program.

Misuse of Permit may result in a citation, vehicle impound, revocation of the permit, a $5,000 fine and up to one year in jail. Misuse includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Failure to comply with the "Basic Rules" outlined above;
  2. Falsifying information on the application or renewal forms;
  3. Duplicating a permit;
  4. Transferring a permit to persons or vehicles not registered to your carpool;
  5. Having concurrent, monthly parking at another facility;
  6. Receiving a carpool parking discount and concurrently receiving a transit pass subsidy.

Privilege and Responsibility

The benefits from carpooling are seriously undermined when individuals misuse permits in order to take advantage of the parking discounts offered by this program. If you know of or suspect misuse of a carpool permit, please call Commuter Services at 206-684-0816 . The City will take appropriate action.


If you have questions, please contact us at Commuter Services, 206-684-0816 .

For Off-Street Carpool Parking:

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) certifies carpools for the off-street garages listed below.



Contact Phone

1000 2nd Avenue

1000 2nd Avenue

(206) 306-5100

3131 Elliott

1000 2nd Avenue

(206) 386-5100

520 Pike Tower

520 Pike Street

(206) 623-2727 ext. 238

600 Broadway

600 Broadway

(206) 386-2230

720 Olive Way

720 Olive Way

(206) 786-8920

800 5th Avenue

800 5th Avenue

(206) 839-8442

Columbia Center

701 5th Avenue

(877) 876-2927 

Blanchard Plaza

2201 6th Avenue

(206) 979-0656

Century Square

1501 4th Avenue

(206) 223-4070

City Centre/US Bank Center

1420 5th Avenue

(206) 223-4070

Freeway Park Garage

1300 Hubble Place

(206) 694-5020

Met Park West

1100 Olive Way

(206) 381-1789

Met Park East

1730 Minor Avenue

(206) 381-1789

Met Park North

1200 Howell Street

(206) 215-2149

Seapark Garage

609 6th Ave

(206) 628-9042

Seattle Municipal Tower

700 5th Avenue

(206) 628-9042

Second and Seneca

1191 2nd Avenue

(206) 381-1250

1201 3rd Avenue

1201 3rd Avenue

(206) 805-6034

Westlake Center

1601 5th Avenue

(206) 682-1854

Note: Contact numbers change; we update as often as possible, but if a number is incorrect, we suggest you check the internet for the garage (Parkopedia and ParkMe are good resources).

To Apply:

Contact the desired garage for rates and availability. If there is space, please fill out the form (link below) and email it to SDOTCarpool@seattle.govOnce your carpool has been certified, we will provide you a letter confirming your carpool status for you to take to the garage.  You will arrange payment and access directly with them. 

Download Application and Renewal Form Here

Annual Recertification:

SDOT is required to periodically recertify your carpool.  We will email the forms to you at the annual recertification time. 

Other Carpool Options: Many other garages that are not part of the city’s carpool program provide special carpool rates and accommodations – we encourage you to check with the garage of your choice to inquire about their carpool options.

Metro VanPool Starter Kit


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