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Northgate Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan
NE Northgate Way & 5th Avenue NE Intersection and Pedestrian Improvements
Northgate Fifth Avenue NE Improvement
Northgate Art Guide
Building Northgate

The transportation investment plan for Northgate and environmental document have been finalized. Resulting from hours of dedicated community input with the support of city staff and elected officials, the plan will guide private and public transportation investments until 2030.

Watch our progress in creating a balanced transportation system that reconnects neighborhoods and keeps pedestrians,
bicyclists, transit, freight and cars moving.

Good things are happening at Northgate

SDOT's transportation projects support the grand vision for revitalizing Northgate by:

  • Supporting all modes of transportation from bicycles to freight.
  • Prioritizing safety and mobility.
  • Coordinating with the developers working in Northgate.
  • Creating a transportation plan to help revitalize this major urban center.

Learn more about two SDOT projects in Northgate and how to contact us:

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