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Each of Seattle’s neighborhoods has unique challenges in ensuring safer streets and SDOT would like to work with you to achieve our mutual safety goals.

Neighbors for Road Safety is a community-based effort to improve safety on our streets  by raising awareness about local safety issues, by increasing knowledge of roadway operations, and by providing neighborhoods with the tools needed to address road safety issues.

We know that people are passionate about improving road safety in Seattle and we’re asking for your help. We want you to be a traffic safety resource in your neighborhood. We want you to lead by example on our streets. And we want to work with you to address the safety issues affecting your community. Here’s how it works:

Custom Collision Analysis

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Our data tells a story and it’s a story that everyone should hear. Upon request, SDOT will create a custom collision analysis for your neighborhood. You’ll learn where crashes occur most frequently and the causes of these incidents (e.g. speeding). This information can be used to determine your community’s traffic safety priorities and what type of interventions are most appropriate. SDOT will also share the top issues affecting road safety citywide.

Know Your Roads, Know the Rules

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Our roads are changing and it's important to take the time to learn the rules of the road. Understanding new roadway features and refreshing your knowledge of existing laws is an important step. SDOT will dispel myths about the rules of the road and teach you how to use and/or react to new roadway features.

Common Crash Types

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Even people that you might consider very safe pedestrians, bikers, and/or drivers can be involved in crashes. A number of different collision scenarios frequently occur on our streets. Find out what to look for and how to avoid an incident.

Top Safety Tips

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Based on the top issues causing collisions on our streets, SDOT has put together our Top Five Safety Tips for traveling in Seattle. Incorporate these guidelines into your travel habits and you too can be super safe on our streets. 


Together we will combine our shared knowledge of our roadways to identify the road safety issues affecting your neighborhood and develop solutions. SDOT will provide the resources needed to accomplish community goals including: street improvements through SDOT’s annual programs and grants, increased enforcement patrols, and educational outreach opportunities.

We invite you to join our Neighbors for Road Safety effort to help make Seattle a safe and comfortable place to travel for all people, no matter how you choose to go – by car, transit, bike, or as a pedestrian.

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