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Northgate Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan

"Better Ways to Get Around in Northgate"

Revised: February 3, 2004

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Resolution Number: 30642

A RESOLUTION establishing a framework for actions to accomplish future steps for Northgate to encourage progress toward the NorthgateArea Comprehensive Plan vision, specifically for economic development efforts, multifamily housing incentives, multi-modal transportation, pedestrian and open space improvements, integrated natural drainage strategies, sustainable design and green building, public art, planning for major commercial and multifamily residential development, and meaningful community involvement in these actions.

Date adopted: Dec 8, 2003


Section 5. Transportation Planning and Traffic Analysis. Seattle Transportation is directed to lead development of the Northgate Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan (CTIP) pursuant to Resolution 30641. The CTIP shall facilitate public and private investment in Northgate area transportation projects and services, and identify coordinated transportation investments that best reflect the long-term goals of the NACP, in particular reducing traffic-related impacts on arterials, protecting neighborhood streets, and providing pedestrian improvements and connections including safety improvements for seniors. The CTIP shall be scoped and developed in such a manner that it can serve as the transportation component of a possible later Planned Action EIS for the Northgate area.

For more information, please contact Tony Mazzella, SDOT Project Manager,, telephone 206.684.0811.

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