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SDOT 2007 Construction Projects

Click on the colored icons to find out more about each project.

Zoom in and out on the map using the icon in the upper left corner of the map.

Use the directional arrows or click and drag to navigate around the map.
Street Resurfacing Projects
Pedestrian Improvements Projects
Roadway Structure Projects
Traffic Signal Projects
Multimodal improvements
Traffic Calming/Traffic Circle Projects
Bicycle Improvement Projects
Street Tree Projects

To view one type of project only, click on the following links:
   Street Resurfacing
   Pedestrian Improvements
   Roadway Structures
   Traffic Signals
   Multimodal Improvements
   Traffic Calming/Traffic Circle Projects
   Bike Improvements
   Street Tree Projects
   All 2007 Projects

To view past maps, click on the following links:
   2006 Construction Map
   2005 Construction Map
   2004 Construction Map
   2003 Construction Map

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