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Magnolia Bridge Replacement Project

Urban Design Considerations

The following links provide information about urban design issues that have shaped - and will continue to shape - the final design of the Magnolia Bridge replacement facility.

  • Project Goals: Identifies the project goals, public and otherwise, that are guiding the development of project alternatives

  • Opportunities: Identifies key opportunities that could be achieved with the new Magnolia Bridge facility

  • Land Use: Identifies different land uses in the Interbay area

  • Topography: Provides a map depicting the significant elevation changes between 15th Avenue and the Magnolia bluff, a bridge design challenge

  • Street Network: Identifies the well-developed street grids of Magnolia and Interbay that the bridge must connect

  • Intermodal Transportation Routes: Includes bus, bike, pedestrian, and proposed monorail routes

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections: Identifies local bike and pedestrian trails in the Interbay area

  • The Public Realm: Identifies key public areas and resources, including parks and public routes

  • Olmsted Park System: Identifies Olmsted Parks and boulevards identified in the early 1900's. The Olmsted Plan continues to shape local urban design considerations.

  • Potential Connections: Includes potential connection points identified as possible endpoints to a new bridge
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