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Magnolia Bridge Replacement Project

Environmental Discipline Reports
The following reports were prepared to help SDOT compare the impacts of the final project alternatives, Alternatives A, C, and D, and the Rehab Alternative. Based, in part, on the technical information provided in these reports, SDOT selected Alternative A as the preferred alternative. Other factors considered included, for example, community input and cost.

Click on the title to view a PDF of each report.

Discipline Report: Geology and Soils [ 19 MB ]

Discipline Report: Air Quality [ 11 MB ]

Discipline Report: Water Quality [ 9 MB ]

Discipline Report: Noise [ 18 MB ]

Discipline Report: Hazardous Materials [ 6 MB ]

Discipline Report: Land Use [ 15 MB ]

Discipline Report: Public Lands, Section 4(f) [ 20 MB ] (revised)

Discipline Report: Visual Quality [ 11 MB ]

Discipline Report: Traffic & Transportation [ 6 MB ]

Discipline Report: Public Services and Utilities [ 11 MB ]

Discipline Report: Wildlife, Fisheries, and Vegetation [ 15 MB ]

Discipline Report: Social, Economic, and Relocation [13 MB]

Discipline Report: Environmental Justice [13 MB]

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