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Magnolia Bridge Planning Study
Investing in our bridges

Last updated: August 24, 2017

What’s happening now?

We're collaborating with the Port of Seattle, transit agencies, local businesses, and the Magnolia Community Council to finalize an Emergency Transportation Closure Plan and a Short-Term Traffic Plan, that identifies low-cost solutions to increase street and intersection capacity, if Magnolia Bridge is closed. Additionally, we are in the process of securing an engineering firm to begin work on the Magnolia Bridge Long-Term study.

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Project Timeline

Magnolia Bridge Timeline

Project Overview

Environmental impacts over the last two decades have weathered the Magnolia Bridge. We perform regular maintenance and frequent inspections on the bridge to ensure it is safe to use. However, in the long term, we will need a replacement for the bridge.

In 2002, the year after the Nisqually Earthquake, we received a grant to identify a Magnolia Bridge replacement that would meet the community needs and the environmental conditions in the area. The team began with more than 20 options. Many of these options were eliminated due to environmental restrictions, community concerns, and engineering limitations. Five alignments were presented to the community. Ultimately, the community’s desire drove the decision for a parallel bridge south of the existing Magnolia Bridge. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to obtain adequate funding to complete the design and construct the preferred option.

We’ll use the recommendations from the 2002 Magnolia Bridge Replacement Study as a basis for identifying short-term, and permanent solutions for accessing Magnolia should the bridge be closed. Our primary goals throughout the study are to identify financially feasible solutions and maintain a level of service similar to the current traffic conditions.

Get Involved

Community involvement will be important in determining the permanent solutions. Please visit this website to learn where we are in the planning process and how you can provide comments. Subscribe here to receive occasional project updates.


May – August 2017: Closure Response Planning with key stakeholder involvement

July 2017 – February 2018: Permanent Solution Planning with key stakeholder and community involvement

Project Library

PowerPoints, memos and other Magnolia Bridge Planning Study outreach materials will be posted here as available.

Magnolia Bridge Draft Plan Brainstorming Stakeholder Meeting Minutes
Draft Emergency Bridge Closure Transportation Plan


This planning study is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Learn more about the levy at

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