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Magnolia Bridge Replacement Project:
Preferred Alternative: Alternative A

In March 2006, Mayor Greg Nickels directed SDOT to chose Alternative A as the preferred alternative to replace the Magnolia Bridge. Alternative A would replace the existing bridge with a new structure immediately south of the existing bridge. Ramps would provide access from the bridge's mid-span to the waterfront and the Port of Seattle’s uplands property. Connections at the east and west ends of the bridge would be similar to the existing bridge.

Alternative A was selected as the preferred alternative because it:

  • Responds to local transportation needs
  • Was a strong alternative based on environmental and technical analysis
  • Received significant neighborhood, business, and governmental agency support, including that of the Port of Seattle
  • Provides the least disruption to residents on Magnolia’s eastern edge and businesses located under the bridge
  • Allows Interbay business owners greater certainty in planning for future expansion or development
  • Costs less than other proposed alternatives

Illustrations of the alignment are available below.

Alternative A (Preferred Alternative):

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