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Magnolia Bridge Replacement Project
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Frequently Asked Questions:
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This page provides information about the Magnolia Bridge Project, upcoming meetings and briefings, and opportunities to sign up to receive information by email or regular mail. You can click on a link above to read more about how to get involved, or scroll down through this page. Visit the Community Schedule page to find out about upcoming public meetings in your area.

Current Plans:

The City of Seattle is working closely with engineers, designers and the public to develop the current plans for replacing the bridge. Here is a link to information about Alternative A, the preferred alternative for the project.

Design Advisory Group:

A committee was formed during fall 2002 to provide local input to the Magnolia Bridge Project. Regular meetings are held to ensure team members have accurate information to share with the community throughout the life of the project. Meeting materials and summaries from past committee meetings are available in the Project Library.

Open Houses:

Open Houses will be held throughout this process. For people interested in learning, about plans and steps being taken to replace the Magnolia Bridge. Displays and presentations will be available and technical experts will be on hand to answer questions and talk about the current activities to design a safe and useful bridge for residents and businesses. Check the Community Schedule for meeting dates and times.

Speakers Bureau:

Does your community, civic, business or church group want to know more about The Magnolia Bridge Project? Send a request for a briefing by e-mail.

A project representative can attend one of your organization's meetings and provide a short or longer presentation tailored to cover the topics that concern your group the most.

Comment Form:

What issues are important to you about deciding the future for the Magnolia Bridge Project?

Fill out the comment form below and your information will be entered into the project database and read by the team working on the current plans.

Magnolia Bridge Replacement Project Comment Form
First Name:
Last Name:
City, State and ZIP:
Day Phone:
To help us understand our constituents, please select from the following list:
Contact Method:
Contact Desired?: yes

Nearby Projects of Interest:

We'd like to keep you up to date on projects of interest that are happening around or nearby the Magnolia Bridge Project. The following links will take you to other projects nearby. Please let us know if there are other projects we can add to the site by filling out the comment form (above).

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