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Lake City Way Traffic Safety Project
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Its the Lake City Way
The Lake City Way Traffic Safety Project

In January 2013 concerned citizens along with local and state agencies first met to kick-off planning for a project to improve safety along Lake City Way from Northeast 78th Street to NE 145th Street.  The task force is working with data compiled between January 2007 and December 2011 that shows that on this 3.7 miles stretch of roadway there have been:

  • 717 crashes (143/year)
  • 21 serious and fatal crashes (4/year) and
  • 438 total injuries (88/year)

The task force is organized into three teams, engineering, enforcement and education, to identify problems and develop action plans using short term, low cost solutions designed to reduce serious injuries and deaths. Check out our complete data analysis of the corridor by clicking on “Collision Data” on the left side of this page.

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Early Start for Pedestrian Safety

The education and enforcement teams are leveraging targeted pedestrian safety funds provided by the City of Seattle to launch some of the pedestrian safety actions this fall.  The full traffic safety project will launch in the early spring of 2014.
Click here to learn about pedestrian safety improvements planned at Lake City Way NE and 24th Ave NE.

Click here to learn about pedestrian safety improvements at Lake City Way NE and NE 110th Street.

Click here to learn about pedestrian safety improvements at Lake City Way and NE 145th Street.

This fall you will see Seattle police officers on Lake City way conducting education and enforcement patrols.  You will also see education outreach such as safety message billboards and community events promoting driver awareness of safe driving behaviors to protect pedestrians.   

For more information about pedestrian safety on Lake City Way click here.

What are traffic safety projects?

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) sponsor traffic safety projects like this one. Corridor Safety Projects are one of the tools employed by the WTSC to achieve the agency goal to end traffic deaths and injuries by 2030 – Target Zero.   The success of these projects rests heavily upon the coordinated efforts of local community members and local agencies.  There have been two other traffic safety projects in Seattle, Rainer Avenue South and Aurora

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