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Lake City Way Traffic Safety Project
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Pedestrian Safety Improvements: Lake City Way NE and NE 110th Street

Last Updated: October 5, 2015

Construction Updates

Construction began Monday, September 28, at Lake City Way NE and NE 110th St. Students, school staff, residents, business operators, employees and travelers in the Meadowbrook neighborhood will encounter traffic and pedestrian detours as crews install safety and transit improvements.

One lane of Lake City Way NE will be closed throughout the project, and the center lane will be used as a traffic lane to preserve 2 travel lanes in both directions. Occasionally, we will partially or fully close NE 110th St to complete the work. King County Metro will also relocate the 2 bus stops at the intersection during the project. Please see our construction notice for more details.

What to expect during construction

  • Typical weekday work hours, 7 AM to 6 PM
  • Some early morning, evening, or weekend work may be needed
  • 24-hour, 7-days a week single lane closures on Lake City Way NE
  • Intermittent partial or full closure of NE 110th St
  • Temporary bus stop relocations
  • Sidewalk detours and parking restrictions
  • Noise, dust, and vibration associated with concrete removal and paving

What you can do

  • Remove items in the public right of way
  • Follow posted detours and "No Parking" signs
  • Keep a safe distance from the work zone
  • Visit Metro's Rider Alert page to understand changes to your bus stop (Routes 72, 309, 312, and 372):
  • Sign up for email updates and contact the project team with questions or concerns

Questions during construction?

You can contact the project team by calling 206-922-6278 or by email at You may use this link to sign up to receive project email updates.



Project Summary

Concerned citizens and local and state agencies selected this project as part of the Lake City Way Traffic Safety Corridor Project. The project aims to improve safety for all roadway users through data-driven engineering, education and enforcement efforts with an emphasis on near-term, low-cost solutions. At the intersection of Lake City Way NE and NE 110th Street, we are working with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), King County Metro and the community to construct the following improvements:

  • New ADA-compliant sidewalk, curbs and curb ramps at all four corners of the intersection
  • New pedestrian countdown signals for all three crosswalks
  • New median island in the center lane of the south side of the intersection
  • At the southbound transit stop, a new in-lane stop, lighting inside the bus shelter, and a bike rack
  • At the northbound transit stop, a new bus bulb, foundation for a future bus shelter, and bike rack

Project Benefits

  • Reduces vehicle speeds and pedestrian collisions
  • Improves safety on the walking and biking route to Nathan Hale High School and nearby homes and businesses
  • Improves access to transit for Nathan Hale High School students and the surrounding community


The project reached 100% design the summer of 2015. We expect construction to start in mid-September 2015.


The project is fully funded. Lake City Way Safety, a SDOT-supported program, funded the project design. WSDOT funded construction through federal grants.

  • Total cost estimate $450 K
  • WSDOT grant $265 K
  • Lake City Way Safety (SDOT) funding $185 K


Since January 2013, we have worked closely with the Lake City Way community to identify traffic safety issues throughout the Lake City Way corridor. We used a corridor data analysis and a bus tour to select priority locations for safety improvements. In spring 2014, we worked with Nathan Hale High School students and staff to conduct safety events. We continue to engage with the community to share project updates and respond to inquiries.

Project Library

60% Plans

90% Plans

100% Plans

Construction Notice (September 9, 2015)

Construction Notice (October 1, 2015)

Before: Looking north (left) and south (right) at Lake City Way NE and NE 110th Street

Questions or Comments?

Contact the SDOT Project Team:


Phone: 206-922-6278


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