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Landslide Response and Repair
Project Impact - Landslides

Landslide Response and Repair

Seattle Department of Transportation's Street Maintenance crews clear debris from the roadways and bridges and oversee repairs to protect them in the future. Call 386-1218.

Seattle Public Utilities takes care of landslides that are not in street areas that involve water, drainage or sewer facilities. Call 386-1230.

The Department of Planning and Development inspects private property that is damaged by a landslide. Call 615-0808.

The Department of Parks and Recreation takes care of landslide damage on Park property. Call 684-4075.

These departments work together when landslides involve elements that pertain to more than one department.

Landslide Response and Repair Projects

Rainier Avenue S Landslide Mitigation Project

Landslide Response and Repair - More City Information

Project Impact - Landslides

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